Traveling to Europe


Is it possible to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles away from home without a cell phone? After all, smart devices such as tablets, phablets and cell phones can be addictive and distracting. If you want to enjoy the ultimate traveling experience without any technological distractions and still stay in touch with friends and family, consider alternative contact methods.

Staying in touch with your loved ones is easy without a cell phone while traveling to Europe is easy. Public telephones, for example, are still available.

Alternatives To Keeping Connected If You Don’t Have A Cell Phone

Although pay phones are slowly becoming extinct, a few are still available in Europe. However most pay phones require a ‘phone card‘ which can be purchased from a post office, shop, kiosk or newsstand. There are two different types of phone cars available for purchase in Europe.

Insertable Phone Card

(These are not available in Britain.) These cards are preloaded with credit which gets used up when you make a call. To use this card:

  1. Pick up the telephone,
  2. Insert the card into the slot,
  3. Listen for the dial tone,
  4. Dial your number and,
  5. Wait for your call to connect.

The downside is that each country you travel to requires a different phone card since a card purchased in France, for example, will not work on a payphone in Germany.

International Phone Cards

These phone cards are not insertable. It works with a pin which is either revealed after you scratch off the foil covered surface on a card or, it may just be a code printed on a receipt. These phone cards can be used from the phones which are in your hotel room. It is also cheaper to use these cards from the hotel room phone than from a payphone.

Send Messages or Make Calls Using the Internet

The following apps and messaging services can be used on any computer including Macs, Apple and, Android devices and allows you to stay in touch without breaking the bank:

  1. Google+ Hangouts (you will need a Google account.)
  2. Skype (Require a Skype account.)
  3. Viber (You have to register first)
  4. Face Book Messenger (You must sign up before using Messenger)
  5. Whatt’s App (Web Version)

Remember to sign out of your accounts before leaving any public computer or device.

Public Computers with WiFi Connectivity

You can also use public computers to make video calls. Most hotels have computers available for their guests in the hotel lobby. Public computers can also be found at libraries, bookstores, post offices, tourist offices, and so on. Information on where public computers are available can be obtained from the hotel you’re staying at.

Internet Cafés

Always enquire about the rates before you use any alternative contact method. Check emails, social media accounts or make video calls from Internet Cafés. Most computers at Internet Cafés have built-in webcams and microphones and come preinstalled with Google and Skype. Simply log into your account and chat away. Remember to log out safely from your account to avoid compromising your personal information.

Safety Tips When Using Public Computers

Always check first, before logging into any public computer, that the web browser does not store any login information. If the public computer allows you to use a private browser or incognito tab, then use it. Also uncheck any boxes that allows you tot stay signed in. If you know how, clear your browsing history or any form data.