How to transfer large files over internet

Sharing large files over the internet is just not as simple as attaching them to an e-mail and sending them to a friend or a colleague. Files such as photos, videos, presentations and other large files often need to be shared using a file-sharing website or FTP server. There are many file-sharing websites available for users with a variety of features and subscription options. Here are some examples of safe and tested file sharing websites.

Mega offers safe, encrypted file sharing on a variety of platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Mega offers several account levels, including a free account that offers 50 MB of cloud storage. Mega offers secure end to end encryption, live encrypted backup and file sharing. Files updated by contacts are updated in real time. Their pro plans range from 9.99 € to 29.99 € per month, depending on the amount of storage required.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers simple cloud storage for documents, photos, and videos. Larger documents can be uploaded to Google Drive and access can be given to anyone with a Gmail account. With Google documents, changes are tracked in real time. Google Drive can be accessed anywhere on a PC, Mac, or any iOS or Android mobile device or tablet. Google Drive offers 2 MB of cloud storage for free, but accounts can be upgraded to include more storage. Google Drive’s top subscription level offers 1 TB of storage for $9.99 USD monthly.


WeTransfer offers a simple way to send files up to 2 MB in size for free. Users do not require an account to use their service, and the interface is very user-friendly. For files larger than 2 MB, users can register for WeTransfer Plus. WeTransfer Plus offers file transfers of up to 200 MB and file storage up to 100 MB, as well as additional features including file encryption and e-mail and background customization. WeTransfer Plus is available at a cost of $12 USD monthly.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive offers cloud storage similar to Google Drive, however, does not contain the same editing tools or document and spreadsheet applications. Amazon Drive will allow you to sync your full hard drive with the cloud, and provide access to files to contacts as you require. Amazon Drive offers 1 TB of storage at a cost of $60 USD per year.


Box is a file-sharing website that is marketed towards larger businesses and enterprises. Box provides clients with encrypted cloud storage and secure file-sharing. Users can register for a free account, which offers a maximum file upload size of 250 MB and 10 GB of cloud storage. Users requiring more storage and a larger file upload allowance can register for paid accounts, which start at $10 USD monthly.